Is Your DR Plan Ready? Tips to Help You Weather the Storm

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Is your data center ready for a blizzard? Better check your disaster recovery plan. Heavy snow can be beautiful, but can also be a challenge. (Photo of New York’s Gramercy Park in Feb. 2011 blizzard by Marc Cappelletti via Flickr)

With a potentially historic blizzard threatening parts of the Northeast, it’s a good day to review your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. As part of Data Center Knowledge’s Industry Perspectives feature, disaster recovery expert Richard Dolewski has written a series of comprehensive articles on disaster recovery planning and strategy that provides guidance and tips for all who face business continuity issues.

Disaster Recovery Scenario: Stick to the Plan - No one likes disasters and downtime. Prudent operations managers have business continuity plans that can assist in a crisis and support organizational priorities and goals as well.

Health Check For Your Disaster Recovery PlanJust as a health checkup can point out areas where your body is not operating at its peak, your Disaster Recovery Plan needs a regular review to make sure your IT systems and staff are fully prepared for any disaster that may occur.

Disaster Recovery Plans: Practice Makes Perfect – Once you’ve developed and implemented a Disaster Recovery Plan, your job is just beginning; you must test it — not just once, but regularly — to reflect the changing dynamics of your computing environment.

We’ll also pose a question to our readers with expertise on disaster recovery: What are the special considerations for dealing with a major snow event? How does the checklist for a blizzard differ from other types of disasters? Share your thoughts and expertise in the comment section.

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  1. Really good article Rich. Very timely (as usual).