Need for Speed: Taking Your Network to 40G and Beyond

Data centers today require more throughputs, more bandwidth and more resources to continue to deliver the type of performance required to maintain optimal business operations. As more demands have been placed on the data center, administrators have turned to fiber solutions to help them obtain the type of LAN bandwidth that they require.

Technologies revolving around virtualization, cloud computing and big data are requiring more throughput capabilities than ever before. One of the ways to deliver these resources is through high-density computing systems. In some heavy utilization instances, 10GB/s is just not enough. This is where administrators may run into the challenge of upgrading from 10GB/s to 40GB/s and beyond. This is where the CommScope technologies can really help out.

CommScope offers a variety of pre-terminated fiber solutions that utilize multi-fiber connectors to facilitate rapid deployment of fiber networks in data centers and other high-density environments. Within the SYSTIMAX brand, these solutions are InstaPATCH 360 and InstaPATCH Plus. The Uniprise solution is referred to as ReadyPATCH. In this white paper CommScope guides the conversation around the mechanisms required to upgrade from a 10GB/s infrastructure to 40GB/s and even further if needed.

With detailed drawings and descriptions, the white paper outlines various fiber deployment methodologies including the following:

Traditional two-fiber application channel with InstaPATCH 360.

Comscope 1

Two-fiber fan-out channel with InstaPATCH 360 fan-out cables.

 Comscope 2

Optimized parallel transmission channel with InstaPATCH Plus/ReadyPATCH

comscope 3

Download this detailed white paper to see how CommScope can help create a more robust network infrastructure by simplifying wiring and increasing bandwidth throughput. According to CommScope, for Ethernet networking speeds above 10GB/s, the applications standards are specifying parallel optics for multimode fiber networks. IEEE 802.3ba defines the transmission schemes for 40GB/s and 100GB/s. The interfaces for these higher speeds are based on the MPO connector. As such, it is a relatively simple process to upgrade a CommScope pre-terminated solution from 10GB/s to 40GB/s or even 100GB/s.

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