Friday Funny: Up, Up and Away!

Happy Friday! Since it’s Friday, that means it’s time for our caption contest, with cartoons drawn by Diane Alber, our favorite data center cartoonist! Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center humor.

This time, Kip is getting airborne. Diane writes: “I love the movie ‘Up’ and the constant use of the word ‘cloud’ inspired this next comic. Kip finally wanted to see what this whole ‘cloud’ thing was about. ”


Click link for larger image!

The caption contest works like this: We provide the cartoon and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. Scroll down and add your suggestion in the comments below.

Hearty congratulations are extended to Carlos Cebrian for the winning caption – “Are you sure this is what Green Data Center means?” – for “Hitting the Links.”

For the previous cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel.

Share your captions in the comment section below!

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  1. Kip, there's an easier way to access the 'cloud'.

  2. They say this converted missile silo is outside any flight paths.

  3. Kip, While your up there please reboot the cloud server.

  4. Kip, I don't think that's how you connect to the cloud.

  5. Are you sure you can summon 1.21 gigawatts needed to power on the cloud?

  6. Darrell R

    Get more balloons! We're still exceeding the weight limit per floor tile on the 2nd floor!

  7. Tyler Bachman

    Our new service 'Kipstrong' is up and running in the cloud.

  8. William D'Emilio, Jr.

    based upon visibility in the C is now known as "Fog Computing" !!!

  9. That is not the way to the cloud data center, Kip.

  10. How many balloons will it take to get the Module in the 'cloud' Kip?

  11. Kip, you give new meaning to "fifty thousand foot view"

  12. Just N+1 on balloons? Good luck!

  13. Sparkleplenty

    "No Kip, you don't look like Curious George and the man wore a yellow hat, not redhat."

  14. Steven Shugarts

    Kip, I don't think that is what they meant by "uptime".

  15. AJ


  16. Kip I beleive you, the cloud applications are not heavy

  17. Dave

    Well Gary, I just installed the new cloud server.

  18. OK Kip - I'm starting to understand the concept of memory ballooning. Now come down before they start bursting!!!