Friday Funny: Hitting the Links

It’s finally Friday! And that means it’s time for our “before the weekend” Friday caption contest, with cartoons drawn by Diane Alber, our fav data center cartoonist! Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center humor.

This time, Kip and Gary are hitting the links! Diane writes: “I know a lot of people in this industry that love to golf. So I thought, Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be golfing while your working? You could, if your modular data center was located right on the golf course!”

Click to enlarge graphic.

Click to enlarge graphic.

The caption contest works like this: We provide the cartoon and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. Scroll down and add your suggestion in the comments below.

Hearty congratulations are extended to German Pacio for the winning caption — “Our PUE decreased to 1.05, Let’s celebrate !!!” — for “New Year’s Celebration.”

For the previous cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel.

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  1. Eric

    If our workload is up in the cloud why is it getting in the way at the golf course?!

  2. Do that is what "runs on green" means

  3. Rick

    The new clean generators run off sympathetic frustration.

  4. Jon

    See Gary, I am so bad at golf that I can't even hit the broadside of a server container!

  5. Daaarn I forgot!! Everything breaks toward the data center.

  6. dday

    Hey management asked for a Green data Center, and thats what we gave them

  7. Gary

    Although I like your forward thinking on the mobile DC concept I'm not sure the technology is quite there yet.

  8. wee

    I hear Pebble Beach has some nice colo space

  9. Carlos Cebrian

    Are you sure this is what Green Data Center means?

  10. Red

    Let me get this straight, the new black is now green?

  11. Gabe

    Kip, "I'm using new irons." Gary, "So am I..."

  12. So I remember this promise from every vendor; from when they called it Systems Management; to Business Process Management and we took calls direct into op's for problems; region not up, LU down; now it's just page won't load & PC to tablet won't boot. In between we added ticketing systems that where to provide self service knowledge base. Then we where going to do that across WEP and our phones. Is not the goal of Automation n IT to give us more time regardless where we choose to spend it; yet we just get a technology down and perfected and we run to the next buzzword every vendor is selling that will create this utopia; and yet I have not reached Zen and don't expect cloud to do it either. So where is my extra time; why have the calls just converted to trouble tickets that get routed and not handled in some type of automation.. I am getting tired of being pressured to hurry up and putt, its no wonder I am always a 3 putter and 20 over par for the course. :)

  13. AJ

    I take it with me every where I go

  14. Golfy

    This is Par for the cores

  15. A new level of workload automation