Decrease Costs and Gain a Competitive Advantage By Improving DCIM

With the evolution of the modern data center come some very real – and very new – management challenges. In an effort to be competitive in the industry, many organizations have deployed new technologies in their environment. The issue is that these new tools and platforms become management challenges. The problem became apparent when numerous moving parts within a data center had to be managed by various people or numerous different software tools. In trying to find ways to manage this type of environment, managers saw that they weren’t only losing time – they were losing dollars.

In this whitepaper, we learn that the challenges for both the data center operations management and the organization’s executive management responsible for the IT function can come from all directions:

  • Minimize risk of downtime
  • Satisfy demand for new applications to facilitate business/revenue growth
  • Satisfy internal user needs as overall organization grows and changes
  • Comply with audits, both internal and government regulatory
  • Reduce/control energy usage/costs
  • Maximize utilization of current resources
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Incorporate processes to address green initiatives
  • Deal with the rate of technological change
  • Live within tighter budget constraints
  • Finance major capital investments

In trying to find a way to control all of the above metrics, administrators have stopped using older methods of data center administration and have turned to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). In fact, a recent study done by The 451 Group, an industry market research firm, states, “As data centers become bigger, denser and more complex, it is clear that the most adaptable, economically sustainable and eco-efficient facilities will be those using advanced infrastructure management software. The DCIM market is worth roughly $240m in 2011, and will grow to $1.2b in 2016.”

The power of DCIM comes from multiple places. Not only is it an integrated piece which has granular visibility into an environment, it can directly simplify the entire management process. Download this whitepaper to see how Raritan’s DCIM can help with:

  • Asset Management
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management and Planning
  • Advanced (Integrated) Energy Monitoring and Management

In using Raritan’s DCIM platform, administrators can reduce the amount of time they spend updating spreadsheets and Visio diagrams. Not only will this streamline the management process – it will also save the corporate dollars in overhead management costs.

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About the Author

Bill Kleyman is a veteran, enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management and deployment. His architecture work includes virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. Currently, Bill works as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, a Stamford, CT based consulting firm.

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