Financial Platform Hits 500,000 Transactions Per Second

A financial analytics platform from Gresham Computing is now able to process 500,000 transactions per second, the company said, as financial services companies continues to push technology for blazingly fast processing.

Gresham’s reconciliation solution, Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) , demonstrated it can process 500,000 transactions per second, equivalent to 1.8 billion transactions per hour. The platform uses “in memory” matching atop of GigaSpaces’ XAP solution, running the application in a pure data and compute GigaSpaces grid with no database attached. The tests were conducted with Intel Xeon Processor E7 family, at Intel’s Computing lab in Reading, United Kingdom

CTC set a benchmark of 50,000 transactions per second earlier this year when using a database for reading and writing the data. 500,000 transactions per second is certainly a feat, and is a win for ‘in memory’ matching when it comes to ridiculous speed.

Who needs this ridiculous transaction speed? There are a variety of enterprise uses, but the financial world is a prime example. “The ability to process massive amounts of data in real-time from multiple sources , while also retaining transactionality, scalability, and high availability is the IT holy grail for many financial services enterprises,” said Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces Technologies.

Clareti Transaction Control uses its speed and power to sort through financial transactions, helping trading firms analyze risky trades, banks manage cash flows, and enterprises track accounts receivable. An example: CTC is used to closely monitor trades that trigger higher margin requirements, allowing rapid notifications for trading positions that incur outsize risk. The benchmarking of its platform’s processing power aids Gresham Computing in its sell to the financial world.

“The high performance achieved during this most recent benchmark shows that CTC can be used in extremely high-volume, low-latency environments to give operational certainty to financial organizations and infrastructure providers conducting billions of transactions per hour in fast-moving markets,” said Neil Vernon, Development Director, Gresham Computing plc.

Clareti Transaction Control was built using GigaSpaces  XAP elastic application platform as the foundation of its infrastructure.  CTC is optimized to operate in two modes: pure in-memory matching like above, and with the database attached. Pure In-memory, or in-grid matching is for real-time service, suitable for hardcore trading environments. With a full database attached, the throughput is 50,000 transactions per second with all transactions written to the database.

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