Nydro AS Combines Two Data Center Initiatives in Norway


Aerial view of Nydro Naerings Park facility in Norway.

Two Norwegian companies announced a new entity, Nydro AS, which is the result of the merger of Rjukan Mountain Hall AS and Rjukan Technology Center AS. Nydro AS will create one the largest data center initiatives in Europe, showcasing the benefits of public-private partnerships.

The newly formed Nydro AS is planning a new data center facility that will be comprised of several sites in more than 250,000 square meters (2.6 million square feet)  of building area.  Key features include the location’s ideal environmental conditions, access to technology hubs and airports, access to vast amounts of reliable, locally produced green energy, and connection to a power grid that has a 10 year, 100-percent uptime record. Six local power production facilities produce 4.8 TeraWatt hours annually. The Norwegian national network is supported by 98.5 percent hydro electricity.

“The Rjukan Valley is long known as the birthplace of Norway’s hydro power revolution which, combined with Norway’s unique northern climate, healthy economy and stable political landscape, makes it an optimal location to locate next-generation data centers,” said Steinar Bergsland, Mayor of Tinn Municipality. “This is a win-win for everyone and points to the future of our region as the leader for Norway and one for Europe.”

Rjukan Mountain Hall AS is a subsidiary of Tinn Energi AS, the regional power provider. Rjukan Technology Center AS is made up of  Troon Pacific, Lyra Invest AS, and Vedal AS. Silicon Valley-based Alfa Tech Consulting Enterprises is also a member, and has worked on projects for Equinix, Facebook and Cisco.

“Telemark and Rjukan are attractive within the global market for unique server park locations,” said Rachel Petersen, Data Center Site Selection Manager for Facebook.  “The most notable features include a robust, redundant electrical grid, inexpensive and green hydro power energy, and an ideal climate for data center cooling. Norway is a politically and economically stable nation that is well-suited for data centers.”

Gregory R. Malin, Chairman of Rjukan Technology Center noted, “A century ago, the Rjukan Valley was the home of energy-intensive industry. Now, using the same resources that built this valley, we once again have an opportunity to become home to the energy-intensive industry of the future: data management.”

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