Friday Funny: The Wiring Fairies

It’s Friday and time for a little levity at Data Center Knowledge before we head off for the weekend. We invite all our readers to submit captions that best fits the cartoon below.

For our previous cartoon – the Data Center Bubble, the winner is Sarah Pollock, who submitted, ” What you see here is called the Hubba Bubba package, but we also sell the Double Bubble package and the Bubblesphere packages for our large customers like yourselves.” Congratulations, Sarah!

Diane Alber, our data center cartoonist, explains how she came up with this week’s cartoon, “I got this idea while talking to a mechanical/electrical engineer that referred to the infrastructure wiring as ‘fairy wiring.’ It made me laugh so I thought I would take on my own interpretation of the phrase ‘fairy wiring.’ This goes back to one of my blog posts where I had to explain what I do for a living, everyone knows what electrical wire is and they understand without it a light bulb wouldn’t work, but for some reason with all the wireless we have going on I think a lot of people think the Internet just ‘magically appears’ if you stuck with that theme it would make sense that the wiring would be done by fairies. . .So I just had to do a comic about it!”

The Data Center Knowledge caption contest works like this: We provide the cartoon (drawn by Diane Alber, whose website is and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane.

Fairy Wiring

Click to enlarge.


To see our previous cartoons, visit the Humor section on Data Center Knowledge.

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  1. So THAT's why they charge such high cross-connect NRCs and MRCs!

  2. Brian L

    This adds a whole new dimension to Route flapping.

  3. dday

    You've heard of a drive by? This is a fly by!

  4. Mike S

    Just wait till you see Santa Cloud at Christmas...

  5. Rick Ross

    "Are their wings N+1 redundant?"

  6. stephen b.

    But how many of them does it take to change a light bulb?

  7. untitled

    Wait 'til you see the angel investors

  8. Makl

    And you said the union reps wouldn't be able to find qualified replacements during the strike! Where's my 10 bucks...

  9. Mathew

    Perfect, guess I know who will be hanging my Chirstmas lights this year.

  10. Jonathan Mann

    I thought our Tier 4 reliability was just marketing department fantasy but I had no idea they would go to these lengths.

  11. AJ

    We found them when we cleared the space in the rain forest to build this colo.

  12. Frank

    We had to hire them after OSHA labeled our ladders unsafe -- management said the plus was that they enhanced PUE with the additional airflow.

  13. dday

    Boy when you said the new guys were fairies, I reported you to HR.... sorry

  14. Dday

    Don't worry they're good at cabling, it the grounding ESD straps that they have a problem with

  15. Digger

    Do they do Windows?