Friday Funny: Plumbing New Depths

Oh boy, it’s Friday! That means that it’s time for data center humor! That golden moment of a small smile before you head out the door for a blissful weekend of relaxation and no messages about downtime, right?

Here’s how it works: We provide the cartoon (drawn by Diane Alber, our awesome data center cartoonist) and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane.

First, kudos to German Pacio for “I think we should store our logs in a different place.” which was voted the best caption for the previous cartoon.

And now, Diane writes, “I hear from time to time leaks that happen in a data center, so I thought I would take it one step further. . .” Please add your caption suggestions for what the “scuba diver” is thinking to the comments.

Click to enlarge.

Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center cartoon humor. To see our previous cartoons, visit Data Center Knowledge’s Humor Channel.

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Colleen Miller is a journalist and social media specialist. She has more than two decades of writing and editing experience, with her most recent work dedicated to the online space. Colleen covers the data center industry, including topics such as modular, cloud and storage/big data.

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  1. Gary! I told you we needed perforated floor tiles! Now, go get your coffee cup and start bailing water.

  2. Anthony

    Water cooling is the way forward

  3. DMcCunney

    "I told them a beach front data center in a basement below sea level was a bad idea..."

  4. Aussie

    "The Site Selection team is going to PAY for this!"

  5. Frank

    Gary, you're clearly not prepared for all contingencies.

  6. james

    SHAAARRKS!!! Gary, you've gone to far to cool and secure the Datacenter this time...

  7. Mike S

    We aren't ready for liquid cooling to the rack you fool!

  8. peter

    Will you stop farting Gary. It clouds the water.

  9. Jacob

    No, this isn't a UDP flood!

  10. Lorenzo

    I told you our servers can't handle all kind of flood

  11. Skip

    I knew we should have gone with the double-interlock fire suppression system.

  12. Larry

    These new server pools are going to be difficult to power.

  13. Andy Bradley

    Do you still think we haven't got a humidity issue

  14. Andy Bradley

    When I said "flood the place with cooling", I didn't quite mean this

  15. Tyler Bachman

    Someone is getting voted off the island at our next meeting...

  16. Mel Morvillo

    The latest in Data Center cooling. Snorkel optional.

  17. AJ

    This is why you should not put a data center in Louisiana...

  18. Dday

    I'll update my resume after high tide

  19. PeterPumpkin

    Welcome to Manhattan!