Friday Funny: A Dam Good Cartoon

It’s Friday, in the summer! What could be better? How about a little data center humor to top it off!

Our winner for last week’s caption contest was Brian L., who sent in: “Big Data was more than we had planned for.” This was voted the best caption for the raised floor cartoon drawn by Diane Alber, our resident data center cartoonist.

Thanks for all the funny and clever submissions and thanks to all our readers who voted on the final choices. This week, we are asking for submissions on a new cartoon below.

Diane writes about this week’s cartoon: “One of my customers thought of this idea and I thought it was brilliant! I’m sure you worked or toured a data center where all the cable on the floor was preventing airflow causing a cable dam. So it’s only natural to have a dam building expert help solve the problem?”

Here’s how it works: We provide the cartoon, drawn by Diane, and you, the reader, submit captions. We will then choose three finalists and you will have a chance to vote on your favorite. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane!

For more of Diane’s work, visit To see our previous cartoons, visit Data Center Knowledge’s Humor Channel.

Cable Dam

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  1. Well, Gary ... I guess "Leave it to Beaver" takes on a whole new meaning now.

  2. DMcCunney

    He says we have a nasty leak in the water cooling system.

  3. pat

    "now remember, don't chew on any of ours, only the competitors'"

  4. Aussie

    "make squirell sounds while you're down there to throw them off"

  5. Todd Cavangh

    Dam, I didn't do this must of been Bush

  6. Frank

    Now, don't bite off more than you can chew!

  7. I think we should store our logs in a different place.

  8. dday

    I said I wanted a tier 3 data center, not a Tier Beave data center

  9. dday

    Ok you can stay but make sure to be out of sight when tours come through

  10. Jason

    Person a: "How are we going to explain to HR we have a Beaver on the payroll?" Person b: "As long as they can get to Facebook, they don't really care." Beaver: "Seriously guys, why is the roof so damn high?"

  11. Jason Leschnik

    nice patching by the way too :)

  12. Anonymous

    No, you can't use that as floss. Now, shut the Dam floor tile!

  13. Damon

    "Now take a right and you will see the leaking pipe straight ahead"

  14. Mike S

    Yeah, our electricians have been as busy as beavers... And about as organized, so he might be our best hope.

  15. Anonymous2

    How much wire would a wirechuck chuck, if a wirechuck could chuck wire?

  16. I can remove it for free and use it at home.

  17. AJ

    Go Oregon Ducks!

  18. It's quite a bargain considering the square footage - and utilities are included.