Overcoming the IT Service Management Syndrome

The job of IT Service Management is often a monumental undertaking that can be described as a syndrome.  A syndrome is a predictable, characteristic pattern of actions or events that tend to occur under certain circumstances.  The operational complexity of predictably assuring a portfolio of reliable services under mission critical circumstances is challenging at best. Growing complexity in IT can lead to inefficiencies and potential blind spots, and a library of disparate tools to address IT management.

Encompassed within the data center today are the operational IT silos that evolved out of reacting to complexity. By reacting to the challenges of IT, the silos contribute to increased risk and decreased visibility into IT as a whole. It also makes it difficult to align IT Services with business objectives.

To holistically manage the data center and IT infrastructure and improve service reliability an organization must have complete visibility across all aspects of a service – for performance, availability, and security. To automate services and consolidate core IT management functions, a tool must take an integrated approach to presenting a unified and service-oriented platform.

This white paper from accelops discusses overcoming the IT Service Management syndrome and how to move away from silo-ed management tools, towards a single pane of glass to peer into the infrastructure components and their relationships. An effective platform to help IT conquer complexity builds and automates a CMDB (Configuration Management Database), from incoming data all the way through to business alignment. The CMDB is an essential component of an effective service management strategy and fosters further integration (and success) with ITIL processes such as Incident Management, Change Management, Service Catalog Management and Financial Management.

Accelops empowers IT to embrace the complexity of their environment and proactively manage infrastructure. It aligns business objectives by defining a business service as a smart container of relevant devices and applications that serve a business purpose. This insight delivers the contextual meaning of  a service  and can easily provide answers to technical and business questions. Click here to download this white paper on Enabling Data Center and Cloud Services Management.


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John Rath is a veteran IT professional and regular contributor at Data Center Knowledge. He has served many roles in the data center, including support, system administration, web development and facility management.

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