Data Center Disaster Preparedness: 6 Assurances You Should Look for in a Data Center Provider

When selecting a new data center provider or reevaluating your existing one, there are several questions that should be asked to determine their ability to prevent a disruption to your critical business operations should a disaster take place.  By selecting the correct provider, you can minimize the impact of these disasters on your business.

This white paper from Internap lists the 6 assurances data center providers should provide for their customers, as well as other qualities one should look for when selecting a provider.  First, disaster resistant design and infrastructure is discussed, stressing the importance of ensuring the safety of facilities designed to N+1 redundancy standards.  Next, it explains that a robust maintenance program is crucial in preventing disasters from impacting business.  Lastly, it reveals that one of the most important qualities in a data center provider is the right, highly trained, supportive people working there.

Learn the 6 principle assurances to look for in a data center provider.  Click here to download this white paper on the qualities most important in your search for a provider that can best protect you from disasters.

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