Colocation Buyer’s Guide

Small businesses and large organizations all experience difficulty managing their IT infrastructure at some point.  Colocation provides these businesses with the ability to take advantage of shared power infrastructure, HVAC systems, physical security and redundant architecture.  It allows for quick expansion, bypassing desing and construction of new data centers.

This white paper from Internap teaches the benefits of a colocation solution to your data center needs, and outlines a step-by-step guide to choosing the solution that is right for your business.   First, it provides a brief overview of colocation, explaining the meaning of the term, and its effect on the data center industry.  Next, it lists the benefits of colocation, inclusding its effects on scalability, risk mitigation and complience with regulatory requirements.  Lastly, it details the process of choosing a colocation solution that fits your company, with questions for the prospective provider, as well as important considerations before you buy.

Learn the detailed process of choosing a colocation solution for your business.  Click here to download this white paper on the benefits of colocation.

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  1. I really like the buyer's guide -- the eBook format is really easy to read. The company I work for put out a similiar buyer's guide to colocation a while back -- you can download a copy at