Airflow Impedance: The Silent Enemy of Data Center Cooling

Despite increased efficiency seen in today’s computing model, added load in blade servers combined with increased demands on storage and networking has created an environment where high heat densities are forcing facilities to review their cooling topologies.  Airflow impedance is a factor that is overlooked when dealing with data center cooling issues.  Demand Based Cooling (DBC) is a holistic approach that can overcome the airflow impedance in a data center and improve overall cooling efficiency.

This white paper from AdaptivCool discusses the importance of cooling efficiency and how DBC can be used to create an effective and efficient cooling system within your data center.  First, it discusses the importance of recognizing “Hot Spots” and “Meat Lockers” within your data center, and how airflow impedance negatively affects cooling efficiency.  Next, it provides real world examples of the implementation of DBC within a data center, and how controlling airflow distribution helps improve cooling efficiency.  Lastly, it summarizes the benefits of DBC, as well as the benefits of dealing with airflow issues, as they significantly impact cooling systems.

Learn the benefits of demand based cooling and its effects on your data center.  Click here to download this white paper on airflow impedance and the negative effects it has on cooling systems.

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