The Modular Data Center Conundrum

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The term “modular” is so frequently used in today’s data center industry that it can often be confusing for customers to decipher which application best suits their needs.   These solutions, no matter how tenuously their relationship to modularity, are the products of organizations’ growing need to add data center capacity.  This means that customers must frequently accept solutions that only partially address their requirements.

This white paper from Compass Datacenters aids new data center customers in choosing a solution best suited for their organization by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of major modular offerings and introducing the company’s Truly Modular alternative.  It details various solution types, including building based, containers, and modules, offering benefits and issues with each.  It then describes Compass’ Truly Modular data center solution, and how organizations can greatly benefit from its elimination of inherent limitations in modular alternatives.

Sort through the pros and cons of the many modular resolution to data center capacity growth.  Click here to download this white paper from Compass on the many modular solutions currently available to data center owners.

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