Friday Funny: The View From 3:00 AM

It’s Friday…and time for some workplace levity. Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, this week was pondering those wee small hours in the morning and what it means to be the “on call” staff and she’s drawn a cartoon that reflects the shock of the 3:00 AM call or page.

She writes, “I work a lot with data center operation staff, network engineers and IT directors, and one of the things that will stress them out the most is that infamous 3:00 AM call that the network is down. This inspired this next comic, considering those emergency calls that you have received, or that call you hope you never have to take at that hour.”

The deal is this: we provide the cartoon, drawn by Diane, and you, the reader, can submit the caption. Use the comments field below for your suggestions! Next week, we will choose three or so finalists, and Data Center Knowledge readers will have a chance to vote for their favorite. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane!

Congratulations to Anthony Wanger, president of IO, who was the prize winner for the last cartoon, with “The flyer says it’s ‘Data Center Ready!’”

Click to enlarge.

Enter your submission in the comments below. Have a great and stress-free weekend.

To see our previous cartoons, visit the Humor section on Data Center Knowledge.

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  1. If that's Gary looking for the "Any" key again, i'll kill him...

  2. JoeB

    I should have become an accountant.

  3. dday

    Better not be the NOC guy ass dialing me again

  4. Hey KIP its Gary you forgot your coffee cup - - -- Siri... text KIP -" I know dumb dumb I was letting the cabling guys use it to collect rack nuts."

  5. "I don't even work for them anymore." As you can see on my LinkedIn profile, past employers are still calling me for advice.

  6. BMH

    Is that the network going down or the baby waking up? Could be either one...

  7. Martin

    "I knew that patch cable had to be hooked up somewhere.."

  8. AJ

    As you can see... This is the reason there is not a hot chick sleeping next to me

  9. crash_test

    1. "Bangalore... again?" 2. "Just once I'd like to get a booty call instead of a re-boot call" 3. "Who the %#! shaved my head" 4. "Could be worse: I could be at a Tea Party or 99% rally" 5. "Is that SEAL team 6 at my door?" 6. "Nutz, I was having that NOC dream again

  10. Rico

    1) “These sleep deprivation experiments rally have to stop…” 2) “Oh man, another vivid dream. I could have sworn my phone was ringing.” 3) “..This is a status call to let you know we still haven’t found the problem with the circuit. Will call you back in 30 minutes…”

  11. Mark Angle

    I told them we needed redundant CRAC units...

  12. Why did I even bring that phone with me on vacation!!!!

  13. William

    25 years in the business and the nightmares haven't changed.

  14. Frank

    I think having little kids was easier than backing up Gary when he's on call...

  15. Finally – I’ve been worrying about this for three years.

  16. Tom Armitstead

    The cleaner's used the server socket again.