Friday Funny: ‘It’s A Fun House’ Caption Contest

It’s Friday and time for some workplace humor. Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, brings us a new take on life in the data center, with “it’s a fun house.”

She writes, “I’m always astounded when I pass by an old building that looks abandoned and later find out there is a huge data center in it. This was the inspiration for this next comic. I was trying to think of the craziest building to have a data center inside … and this is it.”

So you know the ropes, we provide the cartoon, drawn by Diane, and you, the reader, can submit the caption. Use the comments field below for your suggestions! Next week, we will choose three or so finalists, and Data Center Knowledge readers will have a chance to vote for their favorite. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane!

Hearty congratulations to “Dryancloud” who was the prize winner for the last cartoon, with “Well this is awkward, you have 3rd shift tomorrow night, not tonight.”

Click to enlarge.

Enter your submission below!

To see our previous cartoons, visit the Humor section on Data Center Knowledge.

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  1. dday

    I told you those clowns didn't know how to run a data center

  2. Gary, let this serve as a lesson. This is what can happen when you clown around too much with your cloud customers.

  3. Tony Wanger

    The Flyer says its "Data Center Ready!"

  4. That clown looks allot like Greg David



  6. Joe Pavao

    I don't think the investors had this in mind when they told us to look for a disaster recovery site for our business plan

  7. Jonathan Mann

    The broker promised 100% reliability but it looks more like 50% smoke and 50% mirrors....

  8. Fun House/Data Center? Now, that's an oxymoron.

  9. "With a little work, I think we can make this Happen!, What do you think?"

  10. On the downside the foundations cracked, it needs new paint, and I'm scared of clowns. On the upside its bigger than the Starbucks, filled with depression and despair, and no clients will ever want to come here. Its just about perfect.

  11. A Data Center! We weren't born yesterday - who do these clowns think we are?

  12. Gregg Davies

    It was fun while it lasted....

  13. Shmany Pampeau

    Sorry Gary, some dreams aren't meant to be.