Dealing with Mixing Below Your Data Center’s Floor

Many data centers supply cooling far in excess of what is required or have problems distributing cooling where it is really needed.  The most cited cause for such inefficient cooling is a phenomenon known as mixing, in which cool and warm air mix before entering server intakes.  Often, when mixing is discussed, the area under the raised floor is ignored because it is hidden from sight.

This white paper from AdaptivCool offers and in-depth analysis of the issues that occur when computer room air conditioners (CRACs) inject vast quantities of relatively warm air under the raised floor of a data center.  It describes the disconnect between above- and below-floor zones of influence for individual cooling units and the dangers associated with obvious solutions to the problems.  Lastly, it offers strategies for placement of above-floor and under-floor air-movers to dynamically manage airflow.

Learn to reduce mixing both above- and below- floor without significant changes to data center infrastructure. Click here to download this whitepaper from AdaptivCool on the importance of considering below-floor space when creating cooling-cost-reducing strategies for your data center.

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