Monitoring Power and Optimizing Operations

Power redundancy is critical to data center operation and typically it is well planned but there are flaws. In “Power System Event Reconstruction Technologies for Modern Data Centers” the thought leaders at Schneider Electric make the case that an electrical incident may not lead to an outage but possibly to an operating condition that is less than optimal with serious economic and performance issues.

Critical to analyzing a power issue is finding out what happened and how to avoid the occurrence again. Finding out what happened is the challenge. The speed at which data needs to be reviewed is so fast that System Event Reconstruction (SER) technology is the best way to capture it. SER can be built into the facility’s power monitoring system optimizing the value of that system.

The key to successful SER is time-stamping events to the millisecond. Such granularity can help determine the cause of issues and what the performance level was prior to the issue occurring. This information will prove valuable to getting the data center back to its proper performance level as well as helping to prevent future incidents.

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