Friday Funny: Cartoon Caption Contest

It’s Friday, so it’s time for our Friday Funny Caption Contest here at Data Center Knowledge!

Our winner for last week’s caption contest was Scott S, who sent in: “What do you think the acronym “LIQUID” means? We better get some coffee and think about this.” This was voted the best caption for the cartoon drawn by Diane Alber, our resident data center cartoonist.

Thanks for all the submissions and to all our readers who voted on the final choices. This week, we are asking for submissions on a new cartoon below.

Background from Diane: “I got this idea from walking by one of those racks that’s packed with servers and realizing how hot those things really get. I figured it’s only going to get hotter because everyone is going to want to do more and more and store more and more. I think you can see where I was going with this comic.”

Here’s how it works: We provide the cartoon, drawn by Diane, and you, the reader, submit captions. We will then choose three finalists and you will have a chance to vote on your favorite. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane!

For more of Diane’s work, visit

cartoon-hot-serversClick to enlarge.

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  1. Good thing we are always carrying these cups/ fire extinguisher's.

  2. Now why were afterburners a good idea for the new servers.

  3. couple of options.... "So thats why its called the hot isle" "Where are the marshmellows?" "I know you sugested increesing the hot isle temperature to reduce costs, but this might be a little too far..."

  4. Will

    We should really look into hot-aisle containment

  5. BradnaGA

    I think we'll rename row 17 to "Hades".

  6. "I love that unique taste that FM200 adds to my coffee" "Smells just like… Fisher Plaza on the Fourth of July!" "I told the boss that blade servers were a dumb idea, but does he listen to me?" "Kip, fetch the marshmallows. This is going to be a long night… we may as well make the best of it." "When the VP promised us 'hot new servers' this is NOT what I had in mind."

  7. Nathan peterson

    Wow! That new website is really burning up the servers!

  8. Steven Isaacs

    "Now, which one is the hot isle? I always forget."

  9. Jeff Crawford

    I transferred from the Forestry Service, so I know just how to handle this. I say we take down the racks around it, wet down the others and let this baby burn itself out.

  10. The best. I wish that would have happened at a few of the server companies i have used in the past. lol

  11. Bluejay

    "Maybe we should do some hot aisle containment."

  12. Frank whelan

    Now we can add exothermic event specialist to our resumes

  13. Dale Stout

    Good thing I wore my asbestos underwear.

  14. Joe Januszewski

    "When development said that their latest release would be the hottest yet, I thought it was just marketing hype."

  15. Frank Bulk

    Dude, that infinite loop is really burnin' it up!

  16. DC

    Nice cloud !!

  17. "I seriously doubt this is what they meant by 'company barbecue'."

  18. Joe Marcello

    I love the smell of burnt chips in the morning.

  19. Dale Stout

    Do clouds send smoke signals?

  20. Dale Stout

    Can we have s'more fun?

  21. KM

    I don't think this is what our customer's had in mind when they signed up for our cloud services.

  22. Dan R

    Kip, I warned you about selecting the lowest bidder!

  23. "Dude, not cool!"