Friday Funny: New Cartoon Caption Contest

It’s Friday, so it’s time for our Friday Funny Caption Contest here on Data Center Knowledge!

Our winner for our first caption contest was Steve Swanberg who submitted: “Now which cable run was I pulling when I last saw my Blackberry . . . .” for the cartoon drawn by Diane Alber, our resident data center cartoonist. (Steve, we will be in touch.)

Thanks to all our readers who voted on the final caption suggestions. This week, we are asking for submissions on a new cartoon below. The cartoon back story: Space issues within the data center are always a common problem, and it seems from time to time DC managers are getting creative with finding additional room. Many have started virtualizing, some have looked to collocation and others…well…you will get the drift in our next cartoon. The cartoon is drawn by Diane, but it’s not complete until we have a caption. You, the reader, can submit the caption. We will then choose three finalists and readers will have a chance to vote on your favorite. The winner will receive their caption in a signed print by Diane! For more of her work, visit

Click to enlarge image.

Submit your captions in our comments section.

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  1. "Why are we drinking coffee in the mens room" "Doesn't everyone have a wiring closet in the head?" "Don't worry, we can't find any women to work in IT anyway" "Have you ever seen nicer cable management" "Our network stinks"

  2. I'm working on the white paper now!!

  3. Liam Moore

    If that where they put the CRAC unit, where the hell is my new Bidet?

  4. "Please don't use the bidet until the splash-proof cover gets installed this afternoon."

  5. Marcel Mitsuto

    "It's always a good thing to have the coffee machine near server racks"

  6. Now we have to pee at 10 Gbps speed !!!

  7. Maple

    It's the RBOC techs that really appreciate the convergence!

  8. Jeff

    "Yes, it has an iPod© adapter."

  9. Jeff

    "We haven't figured out why you lose connectivity when you flush yet."

  10. Jeff

    "We ran out of room in the data center so this was the next available white space."

  11. Jeff

    "Just be careful when you get up, if you trip over the power cord the whole internet goes down."

  12. Jeff

    "What is this single corded device doing in here?"

  13. Bob L

    Its the only space left in the building. You should see the CIO's office if you think this is bad.

  14. Jeff

    "We're waiting on the cameras to be installed and our new video conference room will be complete."

  15. "You know, when the said our network was in the crapper I thought they meant we had bandwidth issues...."

  16. Scottmackwells

    "It's time for your initiation, now put down your coffee and get in there!"

  17. "Our Tier 1 Space Comes Standard with Ergonomically Designed Cooling Towers."

  18. Man I sure hope they have a bathtub, I ordered a Nexus 7018 last week.

  19. Drew DePriest

    I've always heard that more fiber leads you to the bathroom, but this is ridiculous.

  20. Dave

    "This rack fully integrates with our new building communications protocol, BACsweat."

  21. Michael

    I guess they VE'd BIM out of the budget on this job.

  22. Welcome to your new office as director of technical support. As a rule we like to put you in an environment that best reflects your responsibilities.

  23. Kevin

    "I told you liquid cooling is coming back to the data center! The new racks are being installed next week" "We couldn't get wireless to work in here....." "Now we can monitor EVERYTHING"

  24. World Traveler

    "It captures Thunder... Sends it to the CLOUD..."

  25. Hi, we work at a hospital, welcome to the new world of maximizing your available space!

  26. I told you this was a shit job. *yeah yeah, it was there, I took it :-)

  27. [Quote]Kevin “We couldn’t get wireless to work in here…..”[/quote] A winrar is YOU! *yes I know this basic forum fuction does not work here.

  28. Mike

    I just saved us $60M by putting it in HERE!

  29. Yes but Mike what do we do in the event of a power dump? I need you to quote a DR in the women's room.

  30. I said let's get DAS in here, not gas.

  31. Robert

    The new carrier sounds great although the bathroom doesn’t quite smell of roses yet

  32. JD

    Why shouldn't we have a network in the room people are most productive?

  33. Sorry boss, you said I wasn't allowed to colocate sooooooo WALAH!!!!

  34. Scott Kerbaugh

    Cool, now we can add this "conditioned" square footage to our brochure! TCP/IPee "Gary, I said do a system flush on your CAR not the network!" Kip, can you think of a better place to locate the SPAM filters?

  35. I actually worked at a place with 60 employees where the electrical closet was in the mens room so this hits close to home :-) "This is why we don't eat Mexican for lunch" "It's a down economy" "The outage was extended because we had to wait for Jim" "Ironically the water swirls the other way in this stall" "They said we were always on call but c'mon" "And it's ok because servers can't smell"

  36. And drilling just 250 holes per door guarantees we meet the cooling and air flow specs.

  37. By combining our rack cooling water with our bathroom supply water and using these stall partitions to isolate the hot aisle, we might get a few additional LEED points.

  38. Brad Ascar

    ...then I said to to the guy, "no, W/C on a blueprint is Water Closet not Wiring Closet"

  39. Instead of heating the bathroom using our HVAC system we relocated a server rack so we could meet our corporate sustainability goals.

  40. Peering??? I thought you said Peeing.

  41. BlowToad

    We put the bit bucket in here because sometimes it overflows.

  42. Michael Waits

    I don't get it either, but I know tech support said to fluch the cash. So get busy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is our new back-line support office.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is where I came up with the "Cloud computing" idea!

  43. Dennis Kniery

    "The monitor is should be here next week. Now if I can only get them to turn the toilet around, I'll be set." Dennis Kniery

  44. Asad Nizam

    1. oh yeah we are cutting cost on data cleaners....... 2. what do you think, "A" for space management? 3. I told 'em to get the coffee machine in here as well..... 4. oh man! i love working here, they got these wicked cup holders....

  45. Asad Nizam

    i swear man to you the CEO said to put this equipment in, with the rest of the crap!

  46. Shmany Pampeau

    63% of all viruses begin here.