Friday Funny: Data Center Cartoonist

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Click the cartoon for a larger version (Credit: Diane Alber)

Is there humor in the data center? Diane Alber thinks so. She’s an Arizona artist who has created Kip and Gary, a cartoon that’s all about the data center. Alber’s cartoons have featured over-filled racks, colored cabinets, data center mishaps, and communication problems between facilities and IT staff. Kip and Gary have also been featured in a Data Center Calendar offered by Communications Supply Corp. (free with registration).

“Drawing has been my passion since the day I received my first box of Crayola 8 crayons,” says Alber. “I saw an opportunity to incorporate my art talent with technology and I couldn’t help but take it.”

Got any ideas for a data center cartoon? Alber says she is always looking for cartoon topics, and welcomes ideas from Data Center Knowledge readers.

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