Cooling: Comfort or Precision?

What you don’t know might cost you. Cooling requirements should be a primary factor in the development of a data center. However it’s not always given proper consideration, especially in small and remote facilities, that are less likely to be planned and probably evolve based on need.

Thus the debate begins – Comfort Cooling vs. Precision Cooling. Cold air is cold air, temperature is temperature, correct? No, not at all.

At first consideration traditional cooling (comfort) air systems designed for buildings can be implemented quickly and cost efficiently but the needs of the data center are different. Critical IT equipment may experience a variety of issues if not sitting in the proper environment. Although precision cooling may seem more expensive to implement, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is eye-opening

This whitepaper from Emerson makes a compelling case for the need behind precision cooling. It reviews:

  • The cost of running a system not specifically designed for the data center
  • The cost of downtime
  • Humidity – how it affects equipment and how it affects the data center
  • Service and maintenance
  • Latent vs. sensible cooling
  • The threat of airborne contaminants

Follow this discussion through and review a formulated analysis on cooling TCO. Understand what might look like cost efficiency could indeed be wasteful and possibly harmful.

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Kevin Normandeau, is a veteran of the technology publishing industry having worked at a variety of technology sites including PC World; AOL Computing; Network World; and International Data Group (IDG). Kevin lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons. When he is not in front of the computer (which is most of the time) he likes to get out to ski, hike and mountain bike.

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One Comment

  1. more stuff you don't need

    What a bunch of FUD. Emerson see's the industry moving away from CRAC's and they are scared. They want to keep selling you a bunch of stuff you don't need.