Sony to Reboot Playstation PSN in New Data Center

Sony said today that it will shift the operation of the Playstation Network (PSN) to a new data center as part of a broader retooling to improve the security of the service, which was shut down last week after intruders gained access to data from up to 78 million customer accounts.

Meanwhile, Sony also took its online role-playing games offline, and later confirmed that hackers had also penetrated security systems at the Sony Online Entertainment service.

The PSN servers had been housed in an AT&T data center in San Diego, California. The Playstation Network is operated by a Sony  Network  Entertainment International, a business unit created last year to manage dedicated infrastructure for PSN. Sony hosts most of its gaming infrastructure  with AT&T’s game hosting division, which operates out of multiple data centers around the globe.

Sony said that it had “expedited an already planned move of the system to a new data center in a different location that has been under construction and development for several months,” according to an update on the Playstation blog. “Following a criminal cyber-attack on the company’s data-center located in San Diego, California, U.S.A., SNEI quickly turned off the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, engaged multiple expert information security firms over the course of several days and conducted an extensive audit of the system. Since then, the company has implemented a variety of new security measures to provide greater protection of personal information.”

Sony did not indicate the location of the new data center or provide details on how it might differ from the facility in San Diego that had previously housed PSN. The data center move was part of a broader initiative to improve the security of the network.

UPDATE: On Monday Sony also took the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) service offline, and later said that its security had also been breached, resulting in the theft of personal information from 24.6 million SOE accounts may have been stolen, along with 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers. The SOE network provides online gaming for PC users playing Sony massively multiplayer games such as Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies, while the SNEI network supports gamers using the PlayStation gaming system.

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  1. Joka 1313

    Please hurry up with whatever it is. I'm growing impatient. I actually considered buying a whack box 360..sad. Psn a.s.a.p. . ..die hard playstation customer

  2. Logan David Little

    playstation NOT work is what it should be called. Sony should be embarassed. Its sad and incompetent. I am/was a Sony ps3 user. My work is seasonal, so in off time I would often play my ps3. Not the case in the past week. After worrying about my credit being used, I also couldn't play socom 4, which I had just purchased, online. Bummer... you really did it this time didn't you, sony? Hope you're happy with your results. I'm sure everyone else that is/was a customer of Sony egrets ever purchasing ANYTHING with the Sony brand name on it. You should be ashamed!

  3. Daniel rodriguez

    That's all fine and dandy but you were already aware that your security wasn't good enough. You waited for something like this to happen before you took security measures to the next level. My deta mean while may have been stolen. So I ask you this Sony. Why should I not sue your company?

  4. bossaboss

    U been havening connection problems everyday now security. u have to many users and not enough support

  5. The Dude

    Flame Sony all you like, heck, buy an Xbox if it makes you happy. I'm as pissed as the next guy (or gal) about the PSN. Bear in mind Sony is not the only company that is careless with your personal data. I'm not saying they're right, but they're no worse than any other corporation that has your personal information. Welcome to corporate America, a magical place where unlimited internet is regressing to AOL style limitations, and all your personal data is just a server hack away. If this stuff bothers everyone so much, go to your local senator or congressman, tell them your identity is important to you. Get used to it, or stand up and pressure your governments to protect you as a digital citizen.

  6. dave wavy

    Stop all this crying the ps3 is coming back on so stop all ur crying go get a job or something or a girl friend ps3 die hard user 585

  7. Darin

    FFS people, chill out. Going into something like this, entering your name, address, etc. You know damn good and well there's a chance for something to happen. If you're worried about your CC number having been stolen, or see a charge that you didn't make, get a new card issued and dispute the charges. People need to quit whining, it's not like they're ignoring the issue, they're doing something about it. So you have to play offline for a bit. Whaaaaa, go get some damn sunlight, you probably need it anyway.

  8. Err

    @The Dude... Shut up.... That is all :-)

  9. mike-gulf

    OK people..... yes Sony dropped the ball, Bigtime! However, look at it from another angle. We are in the age of Technology and Hi-Tech crimes! Just about every computer system is hackable - regardless of the level of security. The smart thing to have done to secure your personal credit card information would have been to either not save the information on the Network or to have hired an outside company to ensure that your information is always protected. Every system i flawed in one way or another!! They are built by people and can be hacked by people!!! As for those complaining about the Network being down and not being able to play games online. I have one thing to say!!! Boo-fricken-Hoo!!! It is free - so stop complaining. Buy an XBOX and pay for the service if you think you will be happier. Oh wait....before you do that, research how often the XBOX Network has gone down due to maintenance or due to a Hacker breaking into the so called secure system!!! I am an avid online gamer and yes I need my FIX!!! However, I will live untill the Network is back up! Go outside and have some fun untill SONY fixes the problem. This is 'mike-gulf' OUT!!!

  10. RAYMOND smith

    Anyone want to trade their ps3 for Xbox .. got to be from California. +/- 100 miles from sac and have games... at least 2 controllers and black ops hardened as that's what I have... and xbox has forza 3! So trade now or forever hold ur controller ... email @ rayman s droid @ g ma il. Com. No space

  11. Bob

    Im addicted 2 black opps I need my fix pleeeeas hurry im not gonna buy no xbox I sold that and bought a ps3 3 months after had 2 send it in 2 b fixed just got it back n ready 2 play i dont blame sony 4 stupid people just hurry I wanna play k thanks

  12. wipeout

    I've always preferred playstation over xbox and I always will. The quality of gaming from ps3 is so much better than xbox, as well as the systems will last forever if you take care of them. I also grew up owning a playstation and a playstation 2 which still work. Playstation Network has always worked and has always been a joy to be a part of. So, Sony, dont worry about some of the psn users that have gotten so angry over this mess. Some of us out there will still be here after this mess is over. I personally think its good for some of these people to be without gaming for a while. If they go so mad at Sony for something that they had no control over, then they need to step back from gaming a get a life.

  13. jeah

    The Dude couldn't of put it any better. Everyone is quick to blame but nobody told you that you had to store a credit card on your system. It isn't mandatory. For all those who want to or have gone to get a Xbox. I'm glad you wasted your money for a downgrade from blue ray to plain HD tv that your cable company is giving you for free. LOL stop all your crying and just get life lock which you should already have or some type of protection in place. That's just being stupid on your part for not having protection in the first place. Yes Sony F'd up but seriously it can happen to any company. So you better watch what you do on your smart phone, use your cc online, store, or restaurant.

  14. dan

    PSN has been down for too long. We all understand that it takes time to move, secure and restore the service. PSN will be back better, more secure, faster (we hope), with extra perks for all of us. It will bring us back together. I've learned to be patient but, Sony, don't let it happen anymore. Take our personal data seriously and spend extra $ on security and speed to keep your people happy. We are your people and we will be back.

  15. Say what?

    What you guys talking about? I've been on PSN all week........... IN MY DREAMS lol

  16. C_Remington

    I also and getting impatient but I understand you guys have been workin hard and I thank you. As for the rest of the people if your so displeased and upset with sony go get your crapy x box and be done with it. But you won't because you know like I do that the ps3 is a better system even on its worst day. And think about it this is the first time since the ps3 has been out that the psn was shut down. Don't get confused I'll upset and want to play socom 4 online along with other games. But if the psn being turned off for 2 weeks had interupted your life so much that you come to website and smash sony say why shouldent I sue u. dog u don't pay play they got hacked stuff happens get over it and go outside have fun till the psn comes back online.

  17. J_Lilly

    Or if you don't want to go outside, come play HeroSmash or AdventureQuest Worlds (they're both free at I'm on server Thyton in HS and server Nythera in AQW.

  18. Cabo

    Everyone is saying to buy xbox is a big lie wtf just wait get a vacation from psn

  19. black ops chick

    i agree 100 percent with the dude. however sony said awhile ago it would restore some of its services by the 3rd of may but they havent said anything else only that they will be restoring the psn by territory. i just think sony needs to start saying more rather then leaving us hanging with the lil imformation that they keep on saying over and over, just rephrased. now don't get me wrong i love the ps3 and playing black ops online and kicking noobs asses but im disappointed in sony only telling us the very least of it all. all i want is psn back on........

  20. BlackOps 4 life

    PS3 is the best now fix this

  21. black ops chick

    i agree unfortunately there's talk that psn is back on in japan, but yet sony didn't post it in their blog this morning... so i think it's just rumors.. :(

  22. Mw2_Pro_Sniper

    Psn is back on in Japan :( (I'm kinda pissed at that) & it'll be back on May 3rd for USA :) Anyway GET THE PSN BACK ON plz

  23. uncle bob

    well they said today ......wha ya gonna do ...well at least bin ladens dead . now i can at least sleep at nite .dont worry ps chick well b playen zombies sooooooon ......JUUUUUUIIIIIIIICCCCCE!

  24. black ops chick

    thats good for them... which means all get it last... canada :( i hope it comes on the 3rd FINGERS CROSSED

  25. Flippin Guy

    I wish everyone will stop complaining, you were not forced to buy a ps3, it was at your own risk. everyone knows that giving a company your credit card information is already dangerous enough especially with the high tech tools used for these kind of things. its ok to be mad but your not the only victim Sony is too, so don't spam hate toward a company providing your fat ass with entertainment just get over it and play OFFLINE, believe it or not but you can get just as much from fun that then you can get from Call of Duty

  26. Major

    The 4GB Xbox 360 is sold out at Bestbuy, online and at the store! I wonder if Sony knows what it's customers are doing? Maybe losing customers will be another problem for Sony down the road.

  27. black ops chick

    i was complaining just cause i want to play black ops. but im not mad at sony its not their fault.. and flippin guy i dont have a fat ass... and calmer down we have a right to our own opinion.. and another thing i don't like single player cod offline its gay.. and yeah i hope soon we'll be online uncle bob....

  28. Kalibur

    I'm not arguing but If your a true gamer, you'll have more the 1 system rather it be PC, Handheld or Console, I for one am concerned a bit with the lack of detail given by Sony throughout this whole ordeal, they've address the CC issue (at a turtles pace) but still addressed but they never mention anything about subscription's just that Plus+ will be free for all PSN users (which is fair), and that DCUO and Free Realms will host bonus xp and coins weekends, my Free Realms account expired on the apr 29th and DCUO will on May 19th, so i hope to be accredited for those days lost! Now being a realist i understand the terms of the agreement, however i will not suffer for services i've paid for and was not able to access, but until then get back soon Sony and !Gameon!

  29. kizro

    wtf who is suprised dont whine and cry if you cant handle it go buy a peice of sh*t x box

  30. blizard442

    This is clearly Sony's fault... CLEARLY... they had an outdated system which an outsider could've gained accessed to if he took the risk. It could of been an insider but either way it's SONY'S FAULT. Their poorly maintained server was open to many threats from numerous holes in the system. Even so, i don't think without this attack that Sony would of realised that they a completely outdated and useless system. We all know that the new data centre was in the pipeline... But i wouldn't be surprised if the NEW DATA CENTRE was going to use the OLD, EXPLOITED system. Don't forget for any one point that all they did was hash certain details... HASH!!!! that data is sent to their servers as an UNENCRYPTED TEXT FILE!!!! My point... SONY ARE TO BLAME, 100%... yes our personal data was stolen by a criminal BUT if it were not for Sony's INCOMPETENCE then that would not of happened.

  31. spetsnaz1972

    quit your moaning ,the pentagon was hacked so was NASA jet propulsion lab ,,nobody is infalible even the US military was hacked by a chinese student ,,you lot should read a dictionary for a week

  32. Kalibur

    Just got word, DCUO will be extended for 30 days to all subscribers who were affected, awesome! Now for Free Realms....

  33. VerticalSmiIe

    People trusted Sony with their personal information because it was a respected major firm & it was presumed that they would use state-of-the art security. That trust was obviously misplaced. I see where there are now Bills pending in congress mandating increased security for online companies using people's financial & personal information so perhaps some good will emerge from this fiasco. Hopefuly, Sony will also learn to be more respectful to it's customers, & not pick unnecessary fights with people by heavy-handed & over-reaching legal tactics. Now, how about optimizing that clunky browser?