Comcast-Level 3 Feud Shifts to FCC

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Ars Technica provides an update on the status of the peering dispute (or is it?) between Level 3 and Comcast, which sought to rework terms of their agreements shortly after Level 3 gained online video service Netflix as a major new customer of its content delivery network (CDN) business. “The big headlines about the dispute between Level 3 Communications and Comcast over the latter’s access charges may have subsided, but don’t let that fool you,” writes . “Like so many telecom wars, this one has migrated to the antechambers of the Federal Communications Commission. There, both sides are battling over whether the feud comes under the FCC’s authority via its still-unofficial net neutrality rules.” Read more at Ars Technica.

For additional background, see our earlier coverage:

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