Choosing a Data Center Cooling System

Choosing the right data center cooling system for your data center is essential to the success of companies that depend on achieving business-critical continuity. Unfortunately, whether due to rapid, unanticipated growth or a general lack of awareness with regard to the cooling requirements of sensitive electronic equipment, some data center professionals are not able to provide adequate attention to their datacenters cooling design. This white paper from Emerson looks at the total cost of ownership (TCO) around date center cooling systems.

Many data center managers trying to use comfort cooling solutions to satisfy their data center cooling needs, as these systems can mean simplified and economical deployment up front. However, because they are not designed to meet the unique needs of critical IT equipment, reliance on comfort cooling systems can result in an increased risk for premature system failures as well as grossly inflated operating cost.

In contrast, precision cooling systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of high density computing. The decision to accept the increased risk of comfort cooling systems is usually based on the lower initial costs. However, precision cooling systems actually represent the most cost-effective solutions when total cost of ownership is evaluated. Consider the following on average, TCO for comfort cooling systems is significantly higher — up to 60 percent — than that of precision cooling systems over the life of the equipment.

Finally, data centers that incorporate high density cooling design into their expansion or renovation plans will benefit from scalable IT capacity and reduce the risk of IT downtime. Click here to down this white paper on data center cooling.

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