Terremark Offers SAP Cloud Hosting

cloudsTerremark Worldwide (TMRK) will offer hosting services for SAP solutions on its Enterprise Cloud infrastructure platform, the company said today. The agreement offers expanded options for customers looking for a cloud environment to run business applications from SAP, as the German software giant has been slow in deploying its own cloud platform.

“Terremark’s hosting services will offer several benefits to both small and large SAP customers,” said Michael Ressemann, global head of BPO Solution Delivery and Partner Enablement at SAP. “Our partnership with Terremark will provide customers the ability to experience significant cost savings, while not having to sacrifice the reliability of their hosted SAP applications.”

The announcement continues the recent momentum for the Enterprise Cloud, which is hosting several of the federal government’s cloud-hosted sites and also backing cloud offerings from partners like CSC.

The Enterprise Cloud is a managed infrastructure service running on Terremark’s Infinistructure utility computing platform. The service seeks to marry the advantages of Amazon’s utility computing platform – especially scalability and rapid deployment – with enterprise-ready reliability to support mission-critical applications.

“We are actively leveraging Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud to offer comprehensive solutions to users of SAP solutions,” said Dean Adamopoulos, CEO of Protera Technologies, one of the leading providers of hosting and consulting services in support of SAP solutions for Fortune 1000 clients worldwide. “As an SAP-certified provider of application management services, it was vital for us to find a cloud solution that met all of the requirements for reliability and security that our clients demand.”

Terremark’s announcement also hints at the benefits of its recent investment from VMware, which offers a supprting quote in the release.

“As cloud computing continues to gain momentum in the marketplace, the ability to deliver business-critical applications like SAP solutions is key to helping customers fully leverage the cloud,” said Dan Chu, vice president, emerging products and markets, VMware. “Supporting an SAP solution landscape that anticipates peak demand can require significant compute resources, which may be underutilized during normal load periods. So we’re excited that Terremark is working with SAP to provide our joint customers cost-effective, secure on-demand access to SAP solutions, leveraging technology that dynamically expands computing power only as needed. This collaboration allows customers to reduce total cost of ownership and to shift their focus toward business innovation and driving faster solutions to their business problems, instead of managing infrastructures.”

“We’re excited about the additional opportunities we believe will arise from our unique ability to offer hosting of SAP solutions from the pre-eminent enterprise-class cloud computing platform,” said Marvin Wheeler, Terremark’s COO and president of the U.S. Commercial Business Unit.

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  1. Tom

    The SAP "Cloud computing" buzz is the biggest Bullcrap since SOA (service oriented architecture). Stupid marketing people come up with nonsense that just needs to be repeated often enough to make it reality? SAP is as monolithic as it gets - besides the cloud that maybe in the room after smoking not everywhere legal substances, there is simply no cloud - even though the marketing experts would really love to have something new to sell. The part that really drives me nuts is when companies like Protera - that have bbeen in the SAP system management business for about a year, invent and market "SAP Cloud Computing". They are so f...ing stupid that it makes me puke.