Intel Launches Data Center Manager Software

A diagram illustrating an implementation of Intel Power Manager.

A diagram illustrating an implementation of Intel Power Manager.

Power usage has become a key priority for data center operators, who are assessing the best hardware and software options to track and manage the efficiency of their facilities. Yesterday Intel (INTC) became the latest tech titan to roll out an energy-focused offering, announcing Intel Data Center Manager, a software development kit that helps monitor and manage data center power consumption on servers using the new Intel Xeon 5500 processors. Data Center Manager uses Power Node Manager, a power management policy engine embedded in Xeon 5500 server chipsets, to collect and analyze energy usage data, set up alerts for power and thermal events, and set policies on power capping and workload management.

Intel tested Data Center Manager last year in a proof-of-concept installation at the Chinese search engine Baidu, which was experiencing power capacity challenges in leased third-party data center space. Baidu’s rack-level power constraints limited it to just 5 2U servers in each 42U rack. By using Data Center Manager to track and cap power usage, Baidu was able to put three additional 2U servers in each rack, for a total of 8 – providing 60 percent more capacity. Intel has a white paper detailing its work with Baidu.

For more information, see coverage at and a blog post from Intel’s Jackson He with an in-depth look at the energy management features of the Xeon 5500.

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  1. I want to learn more about data center.Because Im working in the networking company.

  2. Some of the Key features of Data Center Manager are: .Group (server, rack, row, PDU and logical group) level monitoring and aggregation of power and thermals .Log and query for trend data for upto one year ·Policy driven intelligent group power capping ·User defined group level power alerts and notifications ·Support of distributed architectures (across multiple racks) With this DCM at group and rack level setting policies, Node Manager can dynamically report the power consumed by a server and adjust it within certain range, so that the overall power consumption of the rack or a particular server group could be managed within a given target.

  3. Most interesting to see Intel join a growing list of start ups, and major players in this space. We are building a complete list, including open source technologies, of energy management solutions for data centers, including a forum for discussion and comment. We hope this will help data center managers find the solution that is best for their needs