Revver, Pageflakes, Ma.gnolia Remain Down


Three Web 2.0 services that went down late last week remain offline,and have now been unavailable for more than three days.

  • The Ma.gnolia bookmarking site is still down after a catastrophic data loss on early Friday, with no updates on either the service’s home page or Twitter account since Friday, when it projected that recovery “will take days, not hours.”
  • Pingdom reports that the video sharing site Revver and Pageflakes personalized start page service also remained offlien early Monday after crashing on Thursday.¬† Both sites are owned by Live Universe, which told Cnet Friday that the sites were offline for a data center migration and would return shortly. UPDATE: It appears Pageflakes is now back online as of 9 am East Coast time. TechCrunch has more.

One of the consistent lessons of service outages is that users become frustrated when they have no information about downtime and when a site might return to service. When site operators go silent, users will assume that the news is not good. Recovering a web site is one thing, but recovering user confidence can be tricker.

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  1. They will definitely not be the last, there will be a lot fewer Web 2.0 sites out there by the end of the year.

  2. If no information is provided as to the nature of a failure, combined with recent data leakages at etc, customer confidence could be shattered. Funny how a known 'brand' (or 'url') is assumed to be a safe service to interact with when we actually know very little about their infrastructure.