Yahoo Board May Make Decision Today

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With no new bidders emerging to compete with Microsoft’s $44 billion offer from last week, Yahoo has scheduled a special board of directors meeting today to decide the fate of the company, acording to TechCrunch. An excerpt:

There are only two options left. Accept the offer in principal, and try to increase the price with no negotiating leverage at all, or do a deal with Google to outsource search advertising and, likely, search itself. The board, we’ve heard, is basically being told by outside advisors to take the Microsoft deal. But we’ve also heard that a contingent of senior executives at Yahoo, who are willing to do literally anything to thwart a Microsoft takeover, are pushing for the Google deal and will present their case at the meeting.

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch offers some theories on what a Yahoo-Google combination might look like. Much more to come on this story.

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