Hasty Divorce for Twitter, Joyent

It seems Twitter wasn’t being forthright about its relationship with Joyent. Just hours after publishing a tribute to its “trusty infrastructure provider,” Twitter has ceased using Joyent. Here’s the update from Joyent CEO David Young:

Twitter has been officially off Joyent since 10PM last night. This may come as a surprise to some after yesterday’s posts regarding the two companies working together. Those of us at Joyent appreciate the opportunity we had to work with the talented folks at Twitter. It is a great service. We wish Twitter every continued success.

After yesterday’s post praising Joyent, Twitter was offline last night as it conducted planned maintenance. A Netcraft report and traceroute show Twitter is now using services from NTT/Verio.

“The good news is we finished a major infrastructure project tonight, which we’ve been working on for months and that we think is going to help a lot,” wrote Twitter founder Ev Williams. “I’m sure there will be some glitches in the coming weeks, but we’ve laid some important foundation that’s going to help us build toward the future.”

Strained relations between customers and providers can be tricky. But if Twitter was working for months on migrating off Joyent and praised them yesterday, it may not boost the credibility of the company’s user updates on its performance problems.

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One Comment

  1. Have to call you out on this. Joyent and twitter did not have a "hasty divorce;" It was known back in mid-December that Twitter was moving away from Joyent and it was not the result of any bad blood between the two companies. (See http://discuss.joyent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=157592) The news to us Joyent customers was that Twitter and Joyent still HAD a relationship, as we thought they had been gone for at least a month. Yes, the recent PR two-step between Joyent and twitter is bizarre, but in the light of the history of the situation it's kind of silly to call this a "hasty divorce."