Cisco Touts Scotland as Data Center Hub

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Officials at Cisco (CSCO) are promoting Scotland as an ideal location for data center development, according to a report in the UK tech site Gordon Thomson, Cisco’s director for Ireland and Scotland, said that the site location benefits of Scotland include stable weather and renewable energy sources, including an abundance of water and wind-power generation facilities. “I think this could be a phenomenal play for Scotland, Thomson said. “We could build you a data centre that is 100 per cent green. Wind and tidal energy are there in abundance. We have the telecoms infrastructure and the high-capacity networks. And we have a good, local skills base.”

Cisco is said to be seeking the support of a number of politicians in its effort to promote Scotland as a suitable place for data centres, such as the SNP’s John Swinney, who is also the cabinet secretary for finance and sustainable grown in the Scottish government.

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