Sun’s BlackBox In Manhattan

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Sun Microsystems continues to generate media attention with its Project Blackbox portable data center, which it has now taken on the road. On Monday the Blackbox-on-Wheels made a pit stop in Manhattan, as chronicled by Information Week:

At a spot normally occupied by yellow cabs and pretzel vendors, a mobile, 18-wheel data center crammed with millions of dollars worth of servers and other computer systems sat parked Monday afternoon outside New York City’s Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan. … (Sun eco-computing VP Dave) Douglas says the price will vary widely based on configuration but added that the trailer parked Monday outside Grand Central, which drew more than a few curious looks from passers-by, contained about $2.5 million worth of high-tech systems. Forget The Club, put a LoJack on that thing!

Must … resist … linking to the slideshow … Sorry, I’ve been caught up in the vast media gravitational field generated by the Blackbox. So here’s the slideshow offering a look inside (including the Big Red Button).

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